Pompeii Series

Pompeii 1

6x6x1.5. I painted small on this one, and it worked!

Finally! I needed a year to decompress and let the sights and sounds of my Mediterranean trip inspire me to paint. Out of all the places we’d seen in Italy, Pompeii left the most lasting impression on me. No disrespect to Italians of Italy, but if I could live there I would, no questions asked. I love history. I love living history, and that place was alive. I felt the pulse of the people who lived there. I nearly cried when I and my family walked into one of the bath houses. The centuries of rust and faded frescoes made my imagination run crazy. The carvings of Herculean-like men holding up the intricate moldings made me want to take an anatomy in sculpture class. There was the crust on the walls, people. Crussssst!!!! (big sigh) Look, I tried to capture that in my little Pompeii painting series. That place was that special, and I need to go back to Pompeii. I need to go back like I need to breathe, y’all. No joke.

I will show these at Conceptions so you can see them in person. Because of my trip, I reached a new level in my texture paintings, so thank you, Pompeii.

I’m going to make prints available for purchase from Saatchi. After the Conceptions show the originals might be available to buy. #art #artforsale #abstractart #abstractpainting #abstracttexture #wabisabi #ancient #Pompeii #artforwalls #rust #blue #asphaltum #bitumen #modernart #visualart #Italytrip #bathhouse #blackwomanartist




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