I’m back! That latest TMJ pain episode nearly destroyed me. It took my breath away, laid me up in bed for days. My damn, faulty jaw took me away from life. If felt depression taking over. I needed to take control again, so I got out of bed and went for a walk. Me, the hater of all things buggy(flying or crawling, no discrimination here) took to the road and I my pain began to subside while I swatted at flies. I fought my way through it, and now I can get back to living (and painting!), again. I have a series of doctor appointments. I hate going to the doctor, but if I want to manage this TMJ than here I come.

Shango is the deity of thunder, strength, and strategem. His color is red and yields a two-sided axe. You can see why I chose the name. Diptych 6×6 x 1.5 inches . Its cradled so framing isn’t necessary. Available at Saatchi.



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