I love Jane Davies. She has great tutorial videos and one in particular made me sit up straight – Celadon! When I explored ceramics(pouring over magazines and tutorials)I would come across the name celadon in ceramic glazes. Its a treasured color in Japan. I dug the color, but was hard to to reproduce. You had to buy the raw ingredients and mix it yourself. Um, no thanks. I didn’t have he space for all that equipment. I had simple needs back then and still do.

So here we go with abstract painting and salivating over JD’s tutorials. They’re straight forward, no muss, no fuss, and she is obsessed with celadon, too! Thanks to her, I can mix my own celadon with acrylic paint. I love using black and getting that used chalkboard effect but I needed to work with a different color for a jolt.

Here you go:


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